Wedding Photographer Lake Como Wedding Photographer Lake Como

Wedding Photographer Lake Como

The beauty of Lake Como is something that simply cannot be described by words - there's no surprise Lake Como is one of the top destination wedding locations in the world!
Being a Wedding Photographer in Lake Como is a honor and a priviledge. All its villas, gardens and small cities are simply breath-taking, the perfect setting for a perfect destination wedding.

May it be in a fancy, gorgeous villa, in a beautiful hotel or in a more intimate location, a wedding in Lake Como will simply blow your mind.

Fall in love with its amazing shores, and start imagining your wedding on such an incredible place!


Your Wedding Photographer
in Lake Como

I remember the first time I visited Lake Como, many years ago: I immediately fell in love with the colors of its waters, so blue and green at the same time. 


Now, I am more than happy to photograph many weddings and couple sessions there every year!


My studio is about two hours far from Lake Como, but I always love driving there and photographing lovebirds in such an amazing location. 


Even though I shot many weddings and couple shootings there, I always fell in love with that place as the first time I visited it. 


Lake Como is the perfect location if you are looking for a unique, bespoke event – and if you want your guests to be blown away, too! 


Whenever I photograph a wedding, I always look for Truth and Beauty. Looking for Truth means looking for the amazing, unforgettable moments you will live with your significant other and your guests. Beauty, on the other hand, is my female eye, and my wish to capture the inner essence of your Love, in all its details.


Being a wedding photographer, to me, means to have the amazing opportunity and duty to portray my couples at best, and to tell their Love story completely.


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Besides working as a single photographer, I am also the founder of ManiSol Wedding, the only all-female wedding photography & videography team in Italy. Take a look at our Studio website too: you will find many more gorgeous weddings & know more about our team.