Same-Sex Couple Photos Italy - Couple Photographer Italy
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Same-Sex Couple Photos Italy – Luca & Filippo

Same-Sex Couple Photos Italy

Engagement Photographer Italy

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I love this engagement couple shooting! 😀

I’ve known Filippo and Luca for a little more than a year, as I shot the wedding photographs of Luca’s sister. Ever since the wedding day, they told me their love story and how they saw my same-sex love photographic project named It’s Only Love as it was displayed in Vicenza.

It was a great pleasure for me to shoot this engagement photo session. It was a great way for me to learn and become better and better at interpreting and photographing couples.

For this couple photo session, I found it particularly mandatory to be receptive and open to Luca and Filippo. Of course, this is something I try to do each time I am shooting a couple photo session, but I found it even more important as they are a same-sex couple. I will explain it better at the bottom of the article…

In the meantime, let the photos speak!

Location: Centre of Vicenza

Photographer: Selene Pozzer

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Working with same-sex couples is extremely stimulating, as you need to focus completely on the single person and delete any possible gender preconception.

Let me explain myself – when I photograph, I always try to avoid “female poses” or “male poses” tout court, as my goal is to be as receptive as possible and interpret every person for what they really are, without imposing my personal view and twisting their true selves.

This is even truer with same-sex couples: being able to narrate their love without prejudices, being completely sincere and honest, makes every shooting unique and keeps me trained to always being able to narrate every story a little better than before.

I am really happy that a sort of gay marriage (civil partnership, precisely) is finally legal in Italy as well, waiting for the acknowledgment of the full rights, of course.

Some love stories are so strong and unique – as for Luca and Filippo, and I am very happy I shot them this couple photo session 😀

Here’s the complete gallery of the shooting:

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