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Weddings in Italy
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About This Project

I love shooting weddings because I love being surrounded by people.
I am a very empathic person, so being around happy people on one of the most meaningful days of their lives is always an incredible honor for me.
I am specialized in the Destination Wedding field, even though I still shoot local weddings from time to time.
What I love the most about Destination Weddings is that I am able to meet so many different types of people, different religions, cultures, and upbringings. I get to understand so much about the world and feel a deep connection with so many different people. Moreover, having witnessed hundreds of different ceremonies, venues, types of weddings gives me the chance to have a fresh view of the wedding days every time.  This is so empowering and energizing, definitely what I love the most about my job.
This is my Portfolio as a Wedding Photographer in Italy, but I do shoot weddings all around the world as well.