Selene Pozzer – International Wedding Photographer

The choice of a Wedding Photographer is something intimate and extremely important. Naturally, the couple must fall in love with the photographer’s style – but as important as that, we need to feel a personal compatibility to ensure the best memories of your special day.

My Style, My Philosophy

I. Emotional


A wedding day is an overflow of emotions. Some spouses feel it should be the best day of their lives, and surely it’s one of the most beautiful – but I always remind my couples that the best is yet to come. When getting married, you should feel all the emotions of the day trying to avoid unnecessary stress: don’t worry, be happy: you are marrying the love of your life!

And if you feel like crying happy tears, laughing loudly or everything in between, just do it: it’s the best gift you can give to your spouse and to yourself.

I will be there to document all these special and unique emotions, just the way they are.

II. Timeless


Even though I am always improving my style and investing in my photography education, I do not follow any fashion in my style of shooting and editing. I want the images of your wedding day to be timeless and pure: no crazy poses, no super hipster Instagram filters, no overly staged photos.

My style when shooting with you is delicate and fun, following your needs and personalities, telling your story: I like creating beautiful portraits, but I want them to show who you are.

I want to create true memories you will cherish forever, and enhance those images with a soft and timeless film-style editing.

III. Authentic


Your Wedding, Your Love Story, Your Personality.

Feeling yourself on your wedding day is extremely important. This is why I want my couples to feel completely at ease with me: my duty is to document your wedding authentically, your love story in all its passion and emotions.

I am not the cold, detached professional you will only see on your wedding day: I will document your love, so I will become a little part of your story, too. Let’s meet face to face, have an engagement session before the wedding or a few random chats via Skype – breaking the ice and having a laugh together is the real game changer!

Q & A

What types of services do you offer?


I tell the stories of people in Love. The core of my work is wedding and couple portrait photography.

Love is all that matters: I shot traditional weddings, unconventional ones, super large weddings, intimate elopements, LGBT couples…

What are your rates?


Every wedding is unique, and every wedding has different needs. I send my Investment Guide after my prospective clients write to me the first email to protect their privacy. I have different collections and I am always available to create bespoke estimates on my clients’ needs.

Our wedding party will have guests coming from all over the world. Will you be able to communicate with them without a translator?


Before being a wedding photographer, I took my bachelor degree in European Languages and Cultures. I speak English since I was five years old, and I speak also Spanish and German (plus Italian, of course!) – so basically, I can have a random talk with anyone about anything. It’s my specialty.

How long will you be around during our wedding day?


I offer different packages depending on my couple’s needs – 5, 8, 12 hours or full day coverages. Often I shoot rehearsal dinners and day-after brunches – all these extra options are planned a-la-carte.

How and when will we receive our photos?


I always try and work on the photos as soon as I can. Normally, I send a best of selection of 100-150 images within 3-4 weeks from the event, but if the couple wants it (and if my shooting schedule allows it) I can also prepare a small wedding preview of 10-15 photos the day after the event.

All the pictures my couples receive are edited and exported at the highest resolution in a private online gallery.

How can we book your services?


The first step is telling me your story, and how you imagine your wedding: you can write me on the contact form below, or send me an email at info[@] I will send you an email with my Investment Guide attached so you can decide the best option for your wedding. I always recommend having a Skype call before sending you my contract, so you can have all your (possible) doubts cleared and we can start knowing each other a little bit. After that, I will send you my contract and save the date for you.

Where do you work mostly?


My studio, ManiSol Wedding, is based in Vicenza, between Venice and Verona. I shoot most of my weddings in Northern Italy, in wonderful locations as Venice, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Tuscany, and Verona, but I’ve worked all over Italy and around the world.

Do you shoot destination weddings?


Of course, I do! I shot weddings and couple sessions all over the world and being able to travel is one the things I love the most about this job.

My destination wedding photography packages are my regular ones plus my travel and accommodation expenses.

Is there a minimum/maximum size of event you would consider to take a picture at?


Absolutely not. I’ve shot intimate elopement weddings with just the couple, as well as huge international weddings with 350+ guests. Again – love is all that matters!

How many photographers should I consider hiring?


I shoot most of my weddings as a single photographer, especially with less than 100 guests. However, I have an all-female team of wedding photographers ready and willing to work with me! I highly suggest considering a second photographer or an assistant for large weddings, up to three or four photographers, depending on the event. All my second shooters have worked with me before, and share my style and approach to wedding photography.

Can we purchase prints or albums from you? Can we print them on our own?


Sure you can. I work with Floricolor and Giclee Art for wedding albums, and I also have a bespoke fine-art prints and canvases selection.

Anyway, all the photos I send my clients are edited to be ready to be printed and sent at the highest resolution.

What is your payment policy?


I require 50% of the whole amount of the wedding service as a booking retainer when signing the contract and the rest to be paid within the wedding day. The payments can be done cash (up to 3000€), via PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card. Anyway, I am open to offering different payment schedules depending on the couples’ needs.

Contact Me

Let us start to know each other a little bit!


It is very important for me to know a little bit more about you, your story, your idea about your wedding. This way, I will be able to customize my offer on your needs, the number of guests, the locations and much more.

If you are curious about knowing me a little bit better, you can read my bio here – this is the page where I tell a little bit about myself, my view on love and wedding.


I am at my couples’ complete disposal to create a customized estimate and to answer to any of your questions.

Contact me and tell me your Story: we will find the best solution to suit your needs, to offer you a unique tale of your most special moments.

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