Answering Your Questions • Selene Pozzer Photographer
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Selene Pozzer – International Wedding Photographer

Many questions come in the people’s minds as they decide to entrust their most special memories to a professional photographer.

Here’s the list of the questions I am asked more often. For everything else, I am at your disposal 🙂

What types of services do you offer?


My core business is Wedding Photography, that has brought me to work all around Italy and all around the world.

I strongly believe in love, in all its shapes and sizes, so I am really happy to photograph same-sex weddings and different types of ceremonies as well 🙂

Another important side of my job is Couple Photography. I have often shot Maternity and Family pictures, too.

I love photographing happy moments, love stories, and special times in the lives of the people.


How does your wedding photography service works?


I offer various solutions to cover each couple’s needs – 5, 9 and 12 hours coverage. I am really looking forward to tell the whole story of the wedding day, so I will be happy to stay longer if your wedding has a different schedule!

I am flexible towards the needs of my clients, and I will try and find the best solution to suit your necessities.

Contact me via mail or through my Contact Page, tell me your story, tell me how you imagine your wedding: I will send you my investment guide and some suggestion to make your memories everlasting.


It’s the first time we find ourselves in front of a camera and we are afraid we might be nervous. What is your style during the couple photo session time?


Mutual confidence is extremely important to enjoy your wedding day at fullest.

To me, it is extremely important that you enjoy your wedding day with no stress at all. This is the reason why I am at your complete disposal to talk and skype-call the months before the wedding; I want you to feel me as a friend, someone you can trust.

My couple photo session is very spontaneous, it’s some quality time you will be able to enjoy after the ceremony. I always let my couples be free during this time, I will look for the best light and start playing with you.

This kind of shooting works at best when the both of us are having fun – I promise we will!


How does the development and shipment of the photos work?


After every photographic service, being it a wedding or portrait session, I make two back-up copies on two different Hard Disks of all the images, and I save a third copy on blue ray disks. I always shoot with two cameras that have two SD cards, so that both of them record the same files simultaneously. I work alone most of the times, but working this way I do not risk to lose any image.

It is very important for me to see and start working on your photos as soon as possible. That’s why I select the images that touch me the most just as I have downloaded the SD cards. I start working on them as soon as possible. Normally I already send this first selection, my “best of“, within a 3-4 weeks from the event.

All these photos (about 150-200) tell the wedding in all its details and emotions, and are all digitally retouched with a customized post-production to emphasize the mood and colors of your day.

Moreover, I send also all the other photos of the service (about 700-800) within two months via WeTransfer or in a customized USB pen.

All the photos my clients receive are post-produced, optimized to be printed and seen on your computer, at the highest resolution.


How far can you come to shoot our wedding?


I love travelling, so I will come wherever you want me to! I do not aks for travel expenses within 100km from my studio (the whole region of Veneto is covered). For weddings in different regions I ask for the raw travel expenses to be refound (being the transfer made by car, train or flight) and eventually the hosting in a hotel room.

I am also available for weddings and shootings in other countries. Same as above, I need my raw expenses to be covered but I do not ask extras for the days I spend travelling.


Do you work alone or do you have an assistant?


Usually I work alone, but if the wedding takes place in different locations or has a huge number of guests I work with an assistant or a second photographer, too.


Do you work with any videographer, too?


Of course I do! I work with the amazing Alba Renna, and we have even founded a studio together. We share the same view about weddings, you can learn more about our works together here.


What about the printings?


For wedding books, my studio works with Floricolor, a young and awesome Portoguese firm. I have created a special line of Fine Art albums with them, something special that reflects my stile completely.

I also have a line of traditional albums created by the artesanal lab Atanor from Verona, with the photos printed at a fine art quality and glued to the pages.


Do we have the right to reprint the images?


Of course you do! I always send the images at the highest resolution, all post-produced, so you can go and print them wherever you want.


How can we book your service?


When I have the chance to, I would love to meet you in person in my studio. Sometimes this is not possible; in that case, we can have a Skype call to know each other a little bit more. Then I will send you a contract to fill and sign. I will also need a booking retainer of 40% of the price of the service that can be paid via PayPal or bank transfer.

Contact Me

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Let us start to know each other a little bit!


It is very important for me to know a little bit more about you, your story, your idea about your wedding. This way, I will be able to customize my offer on your needs, the number of guests, the locations and much more.

If you are curious about knowing me a little bit better, you can read my bio here – this is the page where I tell a little bit about myself, my view on love and wedding.


I am at my couples’ complete disposal to create a customized estimate and to answer to any of your question.

Contact me and tell me your Story: we will find the best solution to suit your needs, to offer you a unique tale of your most special moments.


You can also write me directly to [email protected] or call me at +39 3473891181.