Destination Wedding Photographer

Hey there!

I am Selene Pozzer, an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer with experience all around the world.

Traveling is my passion, and telling love stories around the world is always an incredible honor and priviledge.

In the past fiew years, I shot weddings, elopements and couple sessions all around the world: from the United States to Indonesia, and throughout Europe.

I'd love to tell your love story too - anywhere in the world!


Talking about Destination
Wedding Photography...

Shooting weddings in other countries is an incredible honor, and an amazing adventure.


Everytime I shoot a wedding in a different country, I learn something new about myself and about the world – and I love it!


The main difference, to me, is the quantity of quality time I spend with the couple. 


Normally, one meets the photographer a couple of times tops before the wedding. Choosing a destination wedding photographer, instead, means to create a connection with the person who will shoot your wedding.


To me, this is incredibly beautiful and powerful at the same time: it gets me to really know the couples I’m photographing, understanding them completely, and getting to know their family and guests as well. 


Telling love stories around the world is simply my favorite thing. I can’t wait to tell yours, too!


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Leave your name and email below and let’s start talking about the story of your Love. Or you can text me at +393473891181.

Besides working as a single photographer, I am also the founder of ManiSol Wedding, the only all-female wedding photography & videography team in Italy. Take a look at our Studio website too: you will find many more gorgeous weddings & know more about our team.