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Couple Photographer Venice – The Tale of Your Love


I believe in love, in all its shades.

A couple photographic session is the Tale of a Love Story.


Being unrelated to the Wedding, the creative possibilities for a couple photo session are endless: we can choose any location, any time of the day, any theme.
We can, basically, make it 100% Yours.


Even though I am based in Vicenza, I am available as a couple photographer in Venice, all around Italy and all around the world.


As Couple Photography is the Tale of a Love Story to me, on this page you will not find only a collection of my best images, but also whole photographic stories of couples in Love.


Each Love Story is unique: my duty is to narrate it at best.

My name is Selene Pozzer, and I am a wedding photographer from Vicenza, a town close to Venice, in Northern Italy.


For me, it is extremely important to meet you in person. Therefore, every time I can, I always set a meeting in our studio to show you my work at best. If you live abroad, I am always available for a Skype video call!


My way of seeing Couple Photography is a tale of your Love Story, spontaneous, sincere, and never imposed. Creating a bond with my couples is fundamental so that I can eliminate every embarrassment and make you feel completely at ease.


I am a Storyteller: my duty is to narrate Your Story.

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Tell me Your Story, and contact me for information, for a face-to-face meeting or a Skype call.

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