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Hi, I’m Selene

Hold me fast, cause I’m a hopeless wanderer


My name is Selene, I was born in 1990 and I am a wedding photographer. One way or another, my life has always been deeply connected with photography. Therefore, I think the best way to tell you my story is using some pictures, too…

Where I come from

fotografo matrimonio basilica palladiana vicenza 029 X3 300x300 - About Me
mamma 300x300 - About Me
papà 300x300 - About Me

This is where I come from.

I was born and I live in Vicenza, in the Veneto region. The first photo of the three was shot in Piazza dei Signori, the main square of my city. The Basilica Palladiana is the symbol of my city: great and beautiful, and yet delicate in its harmony. I grew up on these streets, admiring the beauty that surrounds me every day.

The second picture was shot in that very square but in 1991. The beautiful woman on the bike was my mum, while the baby girl looking at the camera with her chamomile tea bottle was me. This photo was shot by my father, the man who is with me in the third picture.

I have learned this job from my dad, Mauro. He is a photographer, too and I have started shooting with him in 2010. A lot of time has passed since that photo, since the moment I started this journey, but he is and will always be a part of who I am.

Who I am

mare 300x300 - About Me
camera 300x300 - About Me
ok 300x300 - About Me

It might sound pretty ordinary, but my favorite thing in the world is traveling. i love visiting new places, meeting new cultures, spending time in the nature..

Being graduated in Languages at the university is useful in this – I am a full time chatty in at least four different languages!

I love living the places I visit with my eyes, but also telling them through my camera (or my iPhone) – if it were for me, I would always be traveling and this job allows me to do that!

The three pictures were shot in front of the North Sea in Belgium, after an afternoon spent in a flea market in Budapest and in the nature of the woods of my region.

friends2 300x300 - About Me
ny3 300x300 - About Me
ny2 300x300 - About Me

I wouldn’t be who I am without the people in my life.

I believe in love and friendship beyond everything else.

My best friends have always been my life companions, beautiful people that make me a better person, travel buddies, adventure partners. (That picture is a Polaroid shot in front of the Pacific Ocean during our trip to Portugal)

My other favorite travel buddy is my boyfriend, who taught me what selfless love means. He also taught me that happiness is real only when it’s shared – as a milkshake in front of an HBO store in the States.

The last of these pictures remind me the importance of being surrounded by beautiful, funny people on your job, too: the three guys being jerks in a photo booth in New York are me, Alba and Luca, videographer and graphic designer respectively, friends in life and partners in work.

musica 300x300 - About Me
tattoo 300x300 - About Me
ariel 300x300 - About Me

I love traveling, I love people, I love nature.

I love music, too: it’s always with me when I travel, when I drive, when I work on my computer, it brought me all around the world for concerts and introduced me to amazing people.

I love tattoos, I have four of them and each of them tells a piece of my story.

I love cats (my social followers know that!) and that funny furry beast is my cat Ariel, mascotte of the studio together with Alba’s cat.

What I do

kasey chris 1544 SPB6429 300x300 - About Me
sara simone 1131 SPB1749 300x300 - About Me
magda giovanni ny 0141 SPA3315 300x300 - About Me

I love photography, I love traveling and I love people – my work is the perfect mix of these three passions of mine.

I work as couple and wedding photographer all around Italy and the world. I believe in love in all its forms, and I love narrating it.

I really like knowing my couples and becoming intimate with them to tell their love, their story, through my personal view.

When I tell a story, I become a part of it. I am a deeply empathetic person and I totally feel the stories of the people I have in front of me,

My works have been often published in national and international wedding magazines, such as  Zankyou (that put me on the list of the 20 best female Italian wedding photographers), Wedding Wonderland and Boho Weddings.


My photographic style is the outcome of what I am, of my passions, of my travels, of the people I love. You can see more of what inspires me in my Pinterest page.

Social Me

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