Selene Pozzer

Wedding Photographer Venice & All Around the World

Welcome! I am Selene Pozzer, a Destination Wedding Photographer in Venice & all around the world.

You might wonder – what does Destination Wedding Photographer mean?
It means I can fly anywhere in the world to be your Wedding Photographer, and I would love to!

I love Love, and I love to photograph it. This passion gives me the chance to work all around Italy and all around the world to photograph weddings and couple photo sessions.

I am available in Italy, Europe and all around the world – I am an adventurous wanderer, and I fall in love with the stories I tell.

I love shooting cool, timeless, romantic portraits, as well as candid reportage of the special day my couples live.

Besides working as a single wedding photographer in Venice, I also have a High-End, Exclusive Wedding Photography and Videography Studio. This studio is called ManiSol Wedding, and I founded it with my friend and colleague Alba Renna.

We are an exclusive, ladies-only team based in Italy and working worldwide in the field of Wedding Photography & Videography.

ManiSol Wedding is nowadays one of the leading Studios for Luxury Weddings all around Italy.

Shooting weddings in Venice, in Italy, and around the world is my job and my passion. During the past few years, I’ve shot weddings all around the world – different countries, different nationalities, different cultures and types of weddings.

I love exploring the world and meeting new cultures, and I love telling beautiful love stories.

Another great side of my business is shooting couple portrait – wedding proposals, engagement sessions, honeymoons, anniversaries and more.

I’ve shot such sessions all around the world – I want to narrate the couple’s love story, their emotions, their passion through my images. And doing it in a fun, exciting way!