Selene Pozzer

Destination Wedding Photographer Venice & All Around the World

Welcome! I am Selene Pozzer, a Destination Wedding Photographer in Venice & all around the world.

I love Love, and I love to photograph it. This passion gives me the chance to work all around Italy and all around the world to photograph weddings and couple photo sessions.

I am available in Italy, Europe and all around the world – I am an adventurous wanderer, and I fall in love with the stories I tell.

I love shooting cool, timeless, romantic portraits, as well as candid reportage of the special day my couples live.

Besides working as a single wedding photographer, I also have a High-End, Exclusive Wedding Photography Videography Studio, called ManiSol Wedding, with my colleague and friend, Alba Renna.

We are an all-female team based in Italy and working worldwide in the field of Wedding Photography & Videography.

Shooting weddings in Italy and around the world is my job and my passion. During the past few years, I’ve shot weddings all around the world – different countries, different nationalities, different cultures and types of weddings.

I love exploring the world and meeting new cultures, and I love telling beautiful love stories.

Another great side of my business is shooting couple portrait – wedding proposals, engagement sessions, honeymoons, anniversaries and more.

I’ve shot such sessions all around the world – I want to narrate the couple’s love story, their emotions, their passion through my images. And doing it in a fun, exciting way!